Zachary Area Transmission Network Improvements

SJB Group, LLC and Owen & White, Inc., a joint venture, were selected as the project team to provide engineering services for the design and construction of the North Service Area (Baker/Zachary). The project involves the design and construction of upgrades to the transmission system in the North service area to alleviate chronic SSOs in the gravity basins and accommodate for future growth.

This project includes installation of a completely new force main system, design and construction of three (3) new pump stations and the design and construction of a wastewater storage/equalization facility at the Red Mud Lakes area in the northwest part of the parish. The storage/equalization facility will attenuate flow to the North WWTP, allowing the sum of flows to remain within the current capacity of the treatment plant.

The design team’s tasks include preliminary design including permit/utility coordination, environmental site assessment, geotechnical investigations, resulting in the preparation of a preliminary engineering design report. SJB is also tasked with the detailed design requiring surveys, interim design submittals, and final contract documents. Bidding services will be provided after the design phase and engineering services during the construction.

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