Finding the right site for your commercial or industrial development project can be a major factor in the success of the development.  SJB has valuable experience in helping clients find the best sites for their commercial and industrial projects.   We focus on understanding your needs quickly, and helping you find key sites that can be screened and verified for suitability.  We use our own due diligence process to quickly determine the suitability of a site by looking at key concerns from infrastructure, utilities, and constructability, to zoning, environmental and acquisition.  We also can provide full services needed to certify a site for a landowner or economic development organization.

 Throughout the site selection process, we can assist with specific tasks or be your single point-of-contact to turn-key the entire process.  With SJB having a full-services firm that delivers site development projects for our clients, we understand your site selection needs.  From land surveying, site planning, site design, to permitting, utility design, and real estate acquisition, we understand fully the site issues and needs.  We even have the construction management experience needed to deliver your project.  Our goal is always to provide the high-quality services you need to find and deliver a successful site, and ultimately help you deliver a successful project.


  • Residential land developers
  • Architects
  • Commercial and retail developers
  • Municipalities
  • Parish/county agencies
  • Federal, state and local agencies
  • Churches, hospitals and other institutions


  • Planning
  • Permitting/zoning
  • Environmental
  • Utilities-water, sewer, gas
  • Roads and streets
  • Drainage and storm water management
  • Storm water pollution prevention
  • Landscape architecture and detail site design
  • Site Selection Services