SJB Group, LLC has built its success on providing excellent service while offering a range of disciplines that meet our clients' needs.



SJB Group is able to deliver excellence to you by providing the best staff with the tools needed to enhance their talents and exceed their current performance level. Our overall approach has been honed over the years and is broken down into three primary areas.

Commitment to Service

Responsiveness, honest communication and professionalism is our formula to success with our clients. SJB Group clients are at the top of our organizational chart. While our qualifications and experience may attract you to the firm, experiencing our commitment to meeting your specific needs is what keeps you with us.

Pride in Project Management

While professional staff and sophisticated technologies are two of the key ingredients to SJB Group's success, strong project management is especially significant. Project managers take pride in their work, especially in their ability to perform the job the way you want it. From the initial meeting to project completion, SJB Group managers are particularly attuned to five factors important to every project:

            Quality of Service




            Project Costs


Turnkey Services

SJB Group offers a full range of services. Our clients enjoy the ability to pick and choose specific disciplines that meet their needs, or utilize SJB Group’s experience and breadth of services to guide their project from beginning to end.