LA Coastal Area Program Rights-of-Entry Services

SJB Group, LLC was retained by the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority of Louisiana to provide environmental science services to produce high-quality deliverables associated with the execution and expansion of the Louisiana Coastal Area (LCA) Program and its goals.

SJB entered into a retainer contract and was issued a task order to provide real estate services which include obtaining rights-of-entry to perform surveys and other exploratory work in project areas. The purpose of obtaining these rights-of-entry is to provide legal access to privately-owned and state/federally-owned property to collect data necessary for project planning and design for five (5) state-led LCA projects. An approximate number of parcels is anticipated to be around 150 by the end of this task order.

Specific Tasks Performed:

  • Where ownership information was not provided by client, SJB obtained the names and mailing addresses of each property owner located within the project area. Additionally, SJB provided the legal description, as recorded on tax documents, for each ownership.
  • SJB incorporated all ownership data provided by client with the data obtained by SJB and sent out to each owner a set of documents describing the project and the desired access request.
  • If no response was received from property owner, SJB mailed out, via certified mail a second request of entry.

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