Twin-Span I-10 Bridge
Over Lake Pontchartrain

The Interstate 10 Twin Span Bridge provides the vital crossing of Lake Pontchartrain connecting New Orleans to points east. The structure was heavily damaged by the battering wind and waves from Hurricane Katrina that shifted more than 400 concrete deck spans out of alignment and dropped almost sixty of the 300-ton spans into the lake. Damage was such that a new bridge… taller, stronger and more hurricane-resistant… was necessary.

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development designed the new bridge using two parallel 5.5-mile long structures each with 60’ wide decks to provide three 12-foot wide lanes and a full width shoulder on both left and right sides. Boh Brothers Construction Co., LLC is building the level and the approach portions of the structure while the Traylor-Kiewit-Massman joint venture constructs the 80-foot clear high-rise section. The Federal Highway Administration coordinates and funds the work. Volkert Construction Services, Inc. provides construction engineering and inspection services to the project.

SJB Group performs surveying and construction time analysis services for the project as a member of the Volkert team. SJB provides a four-man GPS survey crew capable of static, rapid static, and RTK GPS work on an as needed basis. Its CPM schedule work is performed on a regular basis to help coordinate the efforts of the project team.

The first crossing was completed several months ahead of schedule due primarily to the diligent efforts of the construction contractors working on the $800 million project. Final completion for project scheduled for 2011.

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